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Your Responsibilities

As a patient at this clinic, we expect that you will

  1. Inform the provider of any medical ailments that you feel may have gone untreated.
  2. Inform the provider of your medical history.
  3. Communicate to the staff with respect any concerns, complaints, or grievances you may have with individuals and/or policies of the organization.
  4. Ask all questions that have gone unanswered or that are not clear to you in reference to a treatment plan.
  5. To the best of your ability follow the health care maintenance plan prescribed by your provider.
  6. To the best of his/her ability keep your appointment to see the provider and inform the front desk if for some reason the appointment cannot be kept.
  7. Follow the policies and procedures outlined to you in the receipt of services.
  8. Be respectfully to all staff in obtaining health care services.
  9. Not be disruptive or abusive to other patients, clinic staff, or policies when receiving health care services.
  10. To the best of your ability provide payment for clinic services in accordance with your ability to pay as determined by the receptionist.
  11. To the best of your ability when appropriate make appointments for receiving services.
  12. Inform the staff when there is a medical emergency when calling or presenting to the clinic for services.
  13. Inform the front desk staff when you have had a change in address and telephone number.
  14. Return the phone call received from the clinic if you were not available at the time of the call.
  15. Ask your health care provider what to expect regarding pain and pain management.
  16. Discuss pain relief options with your health care provider;
  17. Work with your health care provider to develop a pain management plan;
  18. Ask for pain relief when pain first begins
  19. Help your health care provider assess your pain;
  20. Tell your health care provider if your pain is not relieved; and
  21. Tell your health care provider about any worries you have about taking pain medication.