Organization History
Organization Chart
Employee Orientation
Policies and Procedures
Time Sheet
Leave Request Form
Travel Policy and Forms
Patient Grievance/Complaint Form
Emergency Protocol and Incident Report
HIPAA Policy
Infection Control Plan
Risk Management Plan
Red Flag Policy
Financial Policies
Performance Improvement

There are two links below.   The PDF Time sheet can be printed or completed with Acrobat Pro 9 software.   Once completed, you should be able to email or submit from you desk top.   If that does not work, the excel version is also available that can be completed, signed  and emailed.  You may need to get with Ms. Clayton to get you electronic signature.  We are trying to become electronic is elminating paper as much as possible.   We will work with you to get you the tools you need to submit documents electronic.  Thanks for you patients.

TIME SHEET_distributed.pdf

Time Sheet